Are IT Incidents Affecting Your Business?

More Uptime with Interactive Runbooks

Why Nurtch?

Eliminate Downtime

Precise & quick incident response with executable runbooks. Take a step towards self healing system.

Rubix Library

We wrote a convenient Python library that makes troubleshooting a breeze. Optimized for Notebook environment.

Wiki Replacement

Notebooks can be stored in S3/Minio/Ceph. Everyone can collaborate on them like internal wiki documents.

Power of Code

Avoid disparate DevOps tools & their crappy UI console. Leverage the power of APIs/CLIs to manage infrastructure.


Built on robust Jupyter Notebook (formerly IPython). Supports executing most programming languages & has a thriving ecosystem of extensions.

Self Hosted

Self hosting for complete control, security, and access to your private infrastructure. Use S3 or self hosted storage (Minio, Ceph) for storing runbooks.


Priced by Notebook, an executable document.
Self Hosted for Security & Access to Private Infrastructure

Up to 10 Notebooks

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teams with limited infrastructure
Unlimited Users
Rubix Library Included
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per month
teams with moderate infrastructure
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Rubix Library Included
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